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Blusher Tricks
We show you how to use blusher and highlight your best features with this subtle ingredient of make-up.

How to apply liquid blush?
Learn at our forums.

Applying Makeup Tips
Professional and excellent applying makeup tips.

Makeup Brushes
The larger the makeup brush the softer the effect, professional applications are a breeze with discount airbrush makeup and cosmetic brushes.

Go for a glow with cheekhue, more than a blush, a medium for color, great for dry skin as it enhances your features with healthy texture and finish.

See fantastic results with the best concealers for scars, tattoos and blemishes, dot and dab to apply but never, ever pull to blend.

Make-up Care
Chapped lipstick, mouldy eye shadow, dried up nail varnish, urrrgggh! This section gives you the rules of make-up care from the hygiene angle.

Eye Makeup
Bring that twinkle in your eyes.

Eye Shadows
Treat your eyebrows, use eye shadow effectively, turn your eyes into pools of desire with these great eye makeup ideas.

Get yourself a pair of beautiful eyebrows. Also, learn how to pluck eyebrows?

Do you just slap on your compact, plaster on the foundation and end up with a patchy face? We show you the right way to apply foundation and make your skin sparkle.

Luscious, full lips is what we all want, but Alas...! Use these tricks to make your lips TO DIE FOR and especially kissable!

Look Younger
Beat the aging menace by using the right amount and mix of make-up.

Choreograph your look to suit the occasion.

Prom Makeup
Makeup tips for the most important day of your school lives.

Make-up Tricks
Camouflage those blemishes. Resurrect those messed up eyebrows. Transform those lackluster lip.

WaterProof Makeup
Carefully waterproof makeup lasts all day, and isn’t affected by any external factors such as weather, perspiration, and of course, water.

Makeup Box
Even the greatest of makeup in the world won't look great without the correct makeup tools.

Makeup Removers
Clean healthy skin, free of dirt & oil with makeup removers, solvent and rinse off by Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Bobby Brown and more...

An eye-opening look at mascara, eye makeup, liners, curlers and application tips for highlighting your beautiful eyes.

Makeup Powders
Uses of makeup powders, choosing powders and tips on applying makeup powder.

Bridal Makeup
Bridal makeup tips and tricks.

Makeup Tips
Lots of makeup tips listed here. You can also post your own makeup tips here.

Makeup for Dark Skin
Tips on applying makeup for dark and dusky skin.

False Eyelashes
They can give your eyes a dramatic look.

Party Makeup
Applying makeup for parties - Step by step.

Office Makeup

How to apply lipstick?

Celebrities with and without makeup
Find out here ;)

It's time to don that fancy dress and get all made up for the masquerade, find all your essential fancy dress costume hints and tips at Escapade!

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