Cellulite treatment

Just recently it was considered that cellulite – is just a banal storage of fat, which inevitably appears with age. Alas, latest scientific achievements show, that this is a peculiar signal, saying that it’s time to change your usual way of life. Cellulite in initial stage is unnoticeable: squeeze your skin with hand and you will see how its subcutis looks – if you see pimples, i.e. that very “orange-peel”, then we have cellulite on first stage and ground for anxiety at the same time. And cellulite, which you can see by the naked eye (prominences, irregularities on skin can be seen without squeeze), is already second or third stage, which requires proper attention.

Most often “orange-peel” makes itself comfortable on hips, buttocks, knees, belly, shoulders and forearms. You should arrange a full-scale attack.

Step 1: what you shouldn’t eat

You should start with eutrophy. Your diet’s calorie content should not exceed 1200 kilocalories per day. Products, rich in cellulose are recommended: cereals, coarse bread. To slow down formation of subcutis, reduce taking alcohol and products, rich in caffeine, to minimum. Instead of dark tea, drink drink or herbal one – they are good hydragogues, reduce taking fizzy drinks to minimum.

Extracts of medicinal herbs prevent assimilation of edible fats, purify organism from slags. Green of fennel and fennel tea – are wonderful diuretics, and black radish improves work of liver, what leads to decrease in accumulation of toxins, asparagus and horse-tail also contribute to growing thin. Natural remedies, used for food regularly, will help to destroy fat depots on skin and lose weight.

Eat less salt, which also delays egestion of liquid from organism, reduce portions of sugar and sweets. Quit smoking - tobacco smoke destroys vitamin C, necessary for collagen production, which prevents skin stretching and strengthen tissue.

Include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily allowance. Refuse from products, containing preservatives, from fatty food - fried meat, pies - remember, fat, coming with food, becomes your fat. In your struggle with cellulite use a simple, but efficient remedy - drink up to 8 glasses of water per day with small gulps: 0,5 glass per hour or a glass every two hours.

Hydrotherapeutic procedures

Water is our # 1 helper in struggle with cellulite. Baths with anti-cellulite remedies and contrast shower are ok. Baths with seaweeds, horse-tail, ivy, horse-chestnut extracts have abstergent and toning effect. You can take baths with essential oils. For example, rosemary oil - it contributes to increase of blood circulation, geranium oil - has a good toning effect, and juniper oil contributes to lead of excess liquid from organism.

Here's a recipe of a non-permanent anti-cellulite bath. Stir up 5 drops of cinnamon oil in 0,5 glass of slightly warm milk or cream and add to bath with hot water. Take this bath for no longer than 5 minutes. Don't forget about contrast shower, it helps stimulating blood circulation.

Try to "rub off" cellulite

Regular rubbing of your body has a good effect on blood circulation and look of skin. Rub your legs with a terry mitten or soft bast whisp using slow circular motions from foot and up. Tnen massage your shoulders, back, breast, and finally - belly. Pay special attention to your problem areas: rub them with a tougher brush during 3 minutes. When you finish rubbing, massage these zones accurately, but you shouldn't beat or sting yourself - all this leads only to bruises and injury of tissues.

To get a good result, massage your body with strong, but tender motions from top to bottom, starting from ankle-bones. Massage hips from hips to waist 30 times, then grasp skin with fingers and roll it. Repeat 30 times along whole zone. Massage buttocks more energetically, with circular motions. Use oil or talc to make skin more slippery. You can apply vegetable oils: almond, peach, coconut, olive or sunflower-seed in mixtures with essential oils. Mixture of oils is cooked in small quantity, for a couple of procedures.

Here's one of recipes: squeeze 8 capsules of vitamin E and 4 capsules of vitamin A in 120 g of sunflower-seed oil (or a mixture of 60 g of wheat grains oil and sunflower-seed oil). Mix carefully and use while massage. It's better to do this procedure aftre shower. But such massage has contra-indications - veins diseases.

Original methods

You can do an alternative massage... using avocado, peach or big apricot pit. Massage your problem zone with circular motions. if you have an advanced form of cellulite, you will need 3 pits, put them in an old stocking and massage surface strongly. Prepare a mask of fresh ivy: leave leaves at least for an hour in boiling water, then whip both water and sediment in mixer. Apply paste and leave for 30 minutes.  

Sport, sport, sport!

Swimming is the best sport, helping in struggle with cellulite and overweight. Swim when you can: in a swimming-pool, sea, river and your hips will become smooth, skin - satin, and body outlines will significantly improve. Cycling brings wonderful effect (20 minutes per day are enough), skiing, skating  - including roller skates. Going up and downstairs and walking at
a rapid pace are very useful.

Taking Phen375 along with physical exercising, improving general state of organism, our muscles should experience special influence to "burn" cellulite. Special complexes of exercises for problem areas (muscles of belly, internal and external surface of hips and buttocks), stretching exercises will help you in this. Many editions for women describe such exercises, find time and do most appropriate exercises to rhythmic music.

Simple exercises

You can do them, so to speak, in haste, any time of the day, standing or sitting, on work, bus stop, while traveling. Contract and relax gluteus muscles by turns - believe, it's very efficiently! Train your belly muscles: gather in stomach abruptly for several seconds and relax muscles. it's good to do these simple exercises during whole day, and continue doing them after work - standing at a gas-stove, sitting on a sofa in front of TV, chatting on the phone.

Two recipes for smooth skin

Those, who regularly cook home cheese or cotton cheese, should know, that buttermilk, which good housewives often pour out, - is the most valuable product. It contains vitamin B, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and other wholesome matters, helping organism to free itself from slags and toxins. If you drink a glass of buttermilk per day, you'll be able to get rid of so hated cellulite little by little.

Fasting days based on buttermilk will help you in this truggle. if you don't want to drink this wholesome liquid - it's not to your taste - you can use buttermilk as stuff for rejuvenating and toning anti-cellulite baths. Mix half glass of brans, 6 drops of wheat oil and 2 glasses of buttermilk and add this mixture in water. Such baths wil help to smooth out and soften skin, make it elastic and silky.

Clay against cellulite

One of valuable properties of clay, used in cosmetology, is its low permeability of heat. Clay masks and packs improve blood microcirculation, that's why clay is actively used for cellulite treatment.

Body mask-pack. Prepare clay water beforehand - pour clay (grey-blue) with water - boiled, mineral, herbal decoction and leave for several hours. Don't shake up water. Massage your problem areas, which you will apply mask on, with a tough bast whisp beforehand. You can do peeling. Moisten bandages in prepared water and wrap your problem areas around carefully. Don't tighten bandages."Warm" mask, putting on woolen tights for 40 minutes. Remove mask, rinse skin with water and rub anti-cellulite cream or any other remedy against "orange-peel", which include essential oils, in it.

Another method. Apply a thick layer of clay, mixed with mineral water or herbal decoction to receive sour cream consistence, on prepared areas, wind with bandages. Further actions - like in first case.

Go to sauna

Sauna is irreplaceable for making your organism healthier, growing thin and struggle with cellulite. Cosmetic rehabilitation of skin takes place here: it leads wholesome substances in organism, leads out harmful ones, gains elasticity and resiliency.  Treat your problem zones with brooms actively: firstly oaken, then birchen, and then, if you're not afraid, firry or juniper. Effect of coniferous brooms against cellulite is just great. They act in two directions: essential oils penetrate into steamed out skin, and coniferous needles act like needles while acupuncture.
Anyway, you can gain success in your struggle with guileful "orange-peel", if you will carry out such procedures regularly.

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