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Black hair style braids

African American women were often left to rely on family, friends or word of mouth for tips on caring for their hair and finding unique hair style braids or other wonderful ways in which to wear their hair. There are many unique styles of braids and even the use of weaves and/or extensions is very popular. But, you should know how to care for your hair before you try any of these styles.

Learning to care for your naturally curly hair is the first step in creating a beautiful style that you can be proud of. When you have healthy hair your hair stylist or beautician can do so much more with your hair. It is best to go to a professional to have your hair done and also for extensions and hair braids.

Let’s begin by learning how to care for your curly hair. All hair needs moisture but curly hair even needs more to restore its natural shine, beauty and to stay healthy. First, read product ingredients before purchasing, you do not want any product that contains grease or alcohol. Most products at your local retail store will have oils added that will coat and weigh down your hair. You will need products that include proteins such as amino silk acids.

Many people believe they must shampoo their curly hair all the time or just use conditioning rinses all the time. Honestly, you can shampoo your hair once a month and in between this time around once a week use a conditioner that will rinse away the dirt and oil. Do not purchase any shampoo that rids your hair of essential elements, check the ingredients for alcohol.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing hair care products is not to purchase any that contain mineral oil or petrolatum oil. These ingredients will suffocate your hair and block moisture from coming out that you hair desperately needs. They can also clog your pores and lessen hair growth.

Now, you are ready to visit the beauty parlor and have your hair styled in braids, weaves, or straightened because your hair is healthy and will look beautiful in any style.

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