Eliminating Dark Circles For a Cheerful Look

dark-circles-under-eyesWomen over thirty often cringe at the thought of under-eye circles and wish to keep them at bay as much as they can. Holistic prevention, topical application and restoration through cosmetology are the three ways you can deal with dark circles.

Home remedies are often too slow to show results and require constant dedication for months or even years. So, if drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily and long, sound sleeps are not doing the trick for you; it is better that you resort to makeup tips to rescue you.

Use a Nice Moisturizer

If you have developed fine lines near your eyes, a moisturizer can make them appear lighter. Moisturizers that contain natural ingredients, like Vitamin E, Vitamin K, sesame, and avocado oil, are great for your eyes and also serve as as a base for your eye makeup. This makes it easy to apply the tinted cosmetic as it makes the skin smooth. It also avoids caking of other makeup.

Use a Makeup Primer

There’s nothing that works better than makeup primers to help your makeup stay in place for long and diminish your wrinkles and fine lines at the same time. Wear your primer after the application of your moisturizer but before you put on the foundation. Makeup primers are great in the way they prevent concealers from creating a streaked, unnatural look in an attempt to fill in the fine lines below your eyes. Another reason why these primers are many women’s one of the most basic makeup essentials is that they prevent natural skin oils from spoiling their makeup, making you look fresh all day long without having to re-touch your makeup in the least.

Select the Appropriate Color For Your Concealer

Hiding your dark circles perfectly can never be possible if you do not have the right concealer. Makeup experts suggest that the ones with a tint of golden color are always your best bet. Chamomile is the most effective natural ingredient known for skin care. Few concealers consist of this ingredient, so they reduce the appearance of dark circles instantly while curing them gradually at the same time. The trick here is to choose the right concealer color and you will be all set to eliminating your under-eye circles, at least for the time being.

Applying the Concealer by Dot Method

You may apply concealer before or after foundation, or even without it, it is your personal choice. To make it appear all natural, remember that less is more when it comes to your concealer. Put on small dots of the concealer on your darkened area under your eyes. Begin with inside corner and work your way along the orbital bone. Blend the dots with a concealer brush or your ring finger (for the gentle touch as this is your weakest finger). Under-eye area is very delicate, so be sure to apply gently as you do not want any irritation or more wrinkles, in future.

Keeping the Concealer in Place with Powder

Application of a thin layer of powder on the under-eye area will prevent the smudging of concealer. If powder doesn’t seem to be very helpful, including the makeup primer in your daily makeup routine is a good idea.

Had you been struggling with under-eye circles since a long time, chances are you might be craving for a cure instead of everyday makeup tricks. Cosmetic surgeons do have injections that can eliminate dark circles or puffy eyes. It fills the hollows and should be repeated once after every 3-4 months.

Blepharoplasty is a popular eyelid surgery performed by ocularfacial surgeons to reduce puffy eyes by tightening the skin that surrounds your eyelids. If you wish to get this surgery done, be sure to find yourself an experienced specialist with thousands of successful cases to boast about. Demand before-after pictures and check the history of the surgeon thoroughly with local medical board, before you proceed.

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