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Eye shadow, eye liner, pencils, paints and powders highlight your eye and give you a more dramatic look

Eyeshadows are certainly eye catching. It is fun to experiment with eye shadows, eye liners, pencils, paints,and powders but most women just want to know what is right for them. Too much added color distracts from your eyes, even if it matches your eye color. Choosing your eye shadows to match your lifestyle is a smart idea. There are so many makeup tips and warnings as to how to use your eye shadows.

Be careful with your colors, although you may think blue eye shadow will bring out the blue in your eyes, many shades of blue will actually have the opposite effect. Using eye liner and eye pencils can highlight the sparkle in your eyes. Neutral eye shadows are the best and by neutral I mean soft colors found in skin, browns, vanillas, mauves, beiges or in the subtle undertones of the skin, golds, olives, pale purples, blues, and grays. Neutral eye shadows are easy to work with because they meld well with one another and naturally compliment your skin tone.

A few simple techniques using paints, powders, or an eye pencil can affect the look and shape of your eyes. To make your eyes look closer together apply a light or medium neutral shade of eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyelids. Use eyeliner to draw the line a bit thicker on the inner corner of the eye and stop the line where the outer corner of the eye stops. Applying eye shadows to make your eyes look farther apart is a bit tricker. Tip application begins with a matte shadow in a darker shade stroking it outward and upward on the outer corners of the top and bottom lids. Make it slightly thicker toward the outer edge and extend it in a slightly upward curve.

Eye shadows come in creams, powders, and pencils. Creams are the hardest to control, they can look beautiful but tend to slip into the creases on your lids. Powder is great because you can use it either wet or dry and often make the eyes look softer, more natural. Take care of your beautiful eyes, try out different shades of eye shadows and practice some of the techniques.

Eye MakeUp


Ever wondered what makes Demi Moore look like a drop dead bombshell? Just shift your gaze neck upwards and the answer will bounce back. Yes, the petite lady has exquisitely carved eye brows that make her look great.

Most of us tend to ignore eyebrows and allow them to grow into unmanageable bushes. But did you know that eyebrows too need grooming? Here is how you can get the near-perfect pair:

• Try and maintain a natural curve as far as possible. Thin, arched types are out, they only give you that `perpetually surprised’ look!
• Castor oil works wonders for those with scanty brows worries. Massage in the oil before retiring for the day.
• To get the perfect curve hold a pencil against your nose and draw an imaginary line that reaches just above the inner corner of the eye. Where the pencil touches, is where your eyebrow should begin. Now hold the pencil diagonally from the base of the nose towards the outer corner of the eyes, going just past it. This is the point where it should end. The highest point of the brows should be just above the iris.
• Tidy the brows regularly by brushing them into shape. Pluck out stray hair between the brows and along the bottom of the brows. Never pluck hair from above them.

To redefine brows, use a sharp eyebrow pencil. Brush the brows into shape and then make short feathery strokes following the direction of hair growth. Avoid harsh black lines.


If your lashes are thin and sparse, do not despair. You can make them appear thicker and darker with skillfully applied make-up or by using idol lash. A little practice is what you need. But, first things first – take good care of your lashes to protect their natural beauty. Actually the main function of the lashes is to protect the eyes, but they also help to enhance their beauty.

• Remember to use a eye makeup remover enriched with camomile at night to remove eye make-up, with a gentle touch.
• Once a day, apply a little castor oil on the lashes. This is said to thicken and darken them. For eyelash make-up choose good quality mascara. Roll-on mascara is easy to apply. You should also have a small brush, to brush out the lashes, after applying mascara.
• Be sparing when you apply mascara - too much of it will make the lashes stick together.
• Use a hand mirror, looking downwards into it. Application is best this way.
• Apply it in two or three light coats, using upward strokes for the upper lashes and downward strokes for the lower ones.
• Brush out the lashes and then apply the second one.
• After applying the final coat and letting it dry, brush out the lashes to separate them.

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