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• Shaving when the skin is dry, leads to razor burns and red slashes across the chin and cheeks. So, first cleanse your face properly using warm or hot water (or if you are in a hurry, splash some hot water). It will soften the beard and help open up the pores.

• A healthy dose of moisturizer before shave is also a good idea.

• Use a gentle, creamy shaving lotion as this softens the hair and makes shaving easy. We paticularly recommend this cooling aloe vera SHAVE CREAM which contains a unique combination of natural ingredients to soothe and calm your skin before and after shaving.

• Massage your shaving cream or oil into the area to be shaved. Shaving oil or cream will give you the best results and be a lot less drying.

• Don’t use foams, gels and products that contain agents such as benzocaine or menthol. They may give a great lather but can really dry and irritate the skin, close your pores and stiffen your beard.


• Use hot water while shaving. It helps to soften the beard, open pores and cleanse skin.

• Make sure your razor is sharp. Old, blunt blades spoil a shave. They drag the skin and do not give a clean shave.

• For better shaving control, razor handle should be heavier.

• Always first, shave in the same direction as hair growth, this prevents in-growth to a large extent. Then re-lather and shave slightly against the direction of hair-growth for a closer shave.

• Short strokes are a better option than a long drag as they give a cleaner shave.

• Do not apply too much pressure on the shaving razor, because this will cause skin burns and irritations. Instead glide it gently across the face.

• Rinse your razor in the hot water.


• Finish by rinsing off with cool water. It will close the skin pores.

• Then afterwards, use a skin toner to remove any residue, close the pores and refresh the skin.

• For cuts, use a moistened alum block to stop the bleeding.

• Apply a moisturizing aftershave lotion on the shaved areas. Avoid alcohol-based aftershaves lotions as they tend to dry the skin.

• In the last, use a moisturizer over the face and neck to keep the skin firm and supple. Or apply an after shave cream to keep your skin moist and fresh with UV protection.


The neck area as also the skin surface lying close to the jaw line is susceptible to in-growing hair. (Dark skins are more prone to this problem). In case of in growing hair, hair from the pore usually grows back on itself. This leads to a bump like eruption which may grow infectious. Some hair may grow along the surface just beneath the skin and is easily seen.

• Shaving in the direction of hair-growth tackles the problem of in-growing hair (since the hair follicle is destroyed).

• Regular use of a face scrub also helps in arresting the growth of in-growing hair since trapped hair as also dead skin is sloughed off by the scrub.

• One can use tweezers to pluck out hair wedged in a bump.

• In case part of the hair is still lodged in the skin, it is best to let the bump heal itself and then pull it out after a day or so.

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The above shaving tips will give you a perfect shave. Look your best, all the time.


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