Choosing the Right Products for Curly Hair

Curly hair can look gorgeous when cared for in a proper way. It is no secret that curly hair calls for better maintenance to retain its softness and shine. If you have curly hair and are looking for a hair care guide that can help you manage your tresses efficiently, you need not search any further. This guide has been developed with the aim to educate people with curly hair about the intrinsic nature of their cuticles and various home routine treatments that they can follow to ensure the health of their mane and maintain its natural sheen.

Basics About Curly Hair

Those with naturally curly hair require ample moisturizing to keep it healthy and shiny. If you have ethnic curly hair, you need to load up on the conditioner as well as hair oil that is especially formulated for your tresses. However, most ethnic hair oils available in the market are made of low-end oils that simply coat the hair strands and weigh down the hair, making it look greasy. On the other hand, non-ethnic hair oils do not offer sufficient level of moisturizing due to which the hair tends to become dry and frizzy.

Products for Curly Hair Products – What to Look for in the Ingredients List?

While shopping for hair care products for curly hair, you need to pay special attention to the ingredients listed on their labels. This is extremely important to ensure that you get value for your money and that the product components are apt for maintaining the natural moisture balance of your hair while lending it a glossy look and making it more manageable.

Some high quality ingredients that you will find in curly hair products marketed by top hair care brands are whole oats, jojoba, amino silk acids (protein), wheat germ, Shea butter, avocado, vegetable glycerine and coconut oil. These products offer required nourishment to curly hair, prevent it from being tangled and promote hair growth. Jojoba also helps in repairing damaged hair and seals moisture into the hair.

Put An End To Itchy/Flaky Scalp

If your scalp has a tendency to itch or becomes flaky every few days, you can treat this problem effectively by dabbing a cotton ball in a mix of Sea Breeze or Witch Hazel that has been diluted in water and applying it all over the scalp by parting hair in small sections.

Selecting An Apt Brush For Curly Hair

Using the right brush for your hair can help prevent a lot of unnecessary damage that you cause to it unknowingly. The importance of selecting the right brush for naturally curly hair cannot be emphasized enough. Robert Sansone, National Sales Director of Mason Pearson brushes, recommends using a boar bristle brush for women with curly hair. This is because the structure of the material used to make the bristles of this brush is closest to the structure and composition of the hair cuticles of humans. Thus, it does not pull or tug at the hair, thus reducing any breakage or damage.

This brush is apt for use by women with short curly hair. Women with longer hair can also use this brush along with some styling products to fashion their tresses in a desired way while it is still wet. Ideally, those with short hair should buy the pure bristled brush while those with thick textured hair should get the nylon-spiked bristle brush or a brush that has nylon and boar bristles from the market. Even with a little higher pocket pinch, these brushes are worth every single penny. Look for best quality bristles and check the grip on the handle before parting ways with your hard earned money.

Take A Hair Health Test In Your Home

Determining the health of your hair from time to time is extremely important so that you can take necessary steps to repair any damage before it is too late. You do not have to break into your bank account and undergo a battery of tests at a clinic for this purpose. A simple at-home hair test will suffice to ascertain the health of your tresses as well as to determine its type. Simply pull out a strand of your hair and put it through the eye of a needle. If the hair passes through without any trouble, you have straight hair. Alternatively, if it gets stuck, you have curly or wavy hair.

Once you have determined the type of hair you have, you need to check if it is healthy or not. You can verify the same by taking a glass of water and dropping your strand of hair into it. If it floats, you can breathe a sigh of relief, as it is a sign of healthy hair that has sufficient essential oils to stay afloat. On the other hand, a dry and damaged hair strand will settle at the bottom of the glass, thus indicating lack of necessary moisture.

Eat Your Way To Longer And Healthier Hair

Do you like to munch? If yes, you can snack on some healthy food items that help promote hair growth while reinforcing its strength from roots to tips. Say no to fattening chocolate bars and deep fried French fries and instead opt for some nutritious grub that will not only satiate your hunger pang but add length, strength and shine to your curls.

However, these are no miracle foods that you assume will work overnight. You need to consume them on a regular basis to benefit from their hair health nutrients. Some of the top food items that fall in this category include the following:

  • Almonds
  • Raisons
  • Orange
  • Whole-grain Snack Bar
  • Strawberries
  • Fish liver oils
  • Liver
  • Dark green vegetables
  • Yellow Vegetables
  • Pumpkin
  • Dairy Products that are low-fat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Prunes
  • Chicken
  • Beef Salmon
  • Flaxseeds

Best Way To Blow-Dry Your Hair

Blow-drying your curly hair on hot air setting can cause it to become excessively dry and frizzy due to the static generated by it. This can also lead to lot of flyaway hair standing at the crown. In order to prevent this from happening you should mist your brush with some serum or quality leave-in conditioner. This will calm down the hair strands without drying them. It is strongly recommended that you avoid using a hair spray as it makes the hair dry and brittle after blow-drying.

Choose The Right Fabric For Your Towel

Very few people are aware of the fact that the choice of fabric of their towel plays a vital role in defining the look of your curls. While cotton towels are preferred by most women to wrap up their hair after every wash, these are the worst choice for curly hair as they make the hair frizzy and cause flyaway hair as well. You should select a micro fiber towel for drying your hair after every wash.

The right technique for doing this is bending forward so that the hair on your head is dangling upside down and then scrunching it with micro fiber towel. Once the towel has soaked excess water from the hair, spray on some diffuser on your hair and blow-dry it. The micro fiber helps in reducing the drying time as it can absorb high quantity of moisture – approximately seven times its weight in water - that is especially helpful during winter months. You can get a regular towel or a turban towel made of micro fiber from the market.

Extensions And Weaves – How To Care For Them?

It is a common practice among women with naturally curly hair to get their hair braided or getting braid extensions or weaves for their crown. If you too have them, you should make sure that you remove them within three months. This is because leaving them in your head can lead to atrophy and even cause the hair to lock. Thus, if you do not want to deal with the hassle of dreadlocks, you should remove the extensions and weaves within three months.

That apart, you should always use a wide-toothed plastic comb to detangle your hair and keep changing your conditioner to ensure that your tresses receive the right balance of moisture and protein. You can try the Redken’s Extreme CAT Protein Reconsturctor or Barry Fletcher’s MajorMoisture Deep Penetrating Conditioner that have got rave reviews from customers across the country.

Pamper Your Extensions the Correct Way

As soon as you place the extensions in your hair, they become a part of your mane and need proper care and treatment so that they do not strip your natural hair of essential oils. To add to it, you should take good care of your scalp and the extensions can block the pores and lead to product build up.

You can massage your scalp with a scalp moisturizing cream or natural olive oil to keep it conditioned. The Head and Shoulders Soothing Lotion for Dry Scalp Leave-in Treatment or the Jane Carter Solution Scalp Nourishing Serum are good choices in this regard, as they get desired results without burning a hole in your pocket.

Braids Need Deep Conditioning As Well!

Just like regular hair extensions and weaves, braids can also strip your hair of natural oils, thus leaving it looking dull and lifeless. You can prevent this from happening by deep conditioning your braids with a homemade mix of water and Vitamin E oil. Pour this solution in a spray bottle and spray it over your braids to enable moisture from oil and conditioners to penetrate the hair shaft. This mix also helps smoothen the hair and prevents knotting as well as shedding at the time of removal of the braids.

In fact, it is of vital importance that you use a good hair conditioner on the day you plan to get your braids removed. The Take Down Hair Moisturizing Cream comes highly recommended from hair stylists and hair care experts who also stress on ensuring that you dry your hair completely after every wash to avoid the formation of mildew and bacteria due to standing water. You can use a micro fiber towel to absorb excess water from the roots of the braid.

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