Conditioning Your Curls

Agreed, managing curly hair no easy task. But don’t you just love it that your hair that are so different from the rest? When the world is all stuck with their boring straight hair, you have beautiful locks naturally! Care for them and condition them the right way to enhance the oomph of your overall personality.

Let us start with the most basic conditioning method – Oiling!

Some believe that the age-old practice of oiling your scalp or hair is not necessary for all as some have naturally oily scalp that produces sufficient oil to keep the hair strands moisturised. However, those with curly hair seldom fall in this bracket and should massage their scalp with some natural oil to keep it soft and shiny. As long as you keep away from oils that clog the pores and weigh the hair down, you should be fine.

Look for nourishing ingredients such as grape-seed and pequi oils in the moisturising hair care product that you buy from the market. The Nourish Oil is an apt choice for people with curly hair. However, if you want to use an all-natural product that you have prepared at home to deep condition your curly locks, you can try the following:

Nourish Your Hair With Vegetable Glycerine

For centuries now, vegetable glycerine has been hailed for its wonderful moisturising properties for both hair and skin. Discovered accidently as a by-product of the soap-making process, glycerine is an excellent choice of natural moisturiser when it comes to curly hair. It helps in restoring the moisture barrier of hair and scalp, thus helping them in retaining moisture. You can either use this in pure form and massage it onto your scalp with your fingertips or look for products that contain it.

In fact, many women with naturally curly hair find it extremely effective as an all-natural non-irritating shampoo as well. This is especially true for women with multi ethnic background who have thick textured hair and tight curls. It is a great remedy for frizzy hair as well and makes the hair more manageable. You can find glycerine in a departmental store near your place and can use it as a skin moisturiser if you have sensitive skin that is allergic to most cosmetics.

Delight Your Hair With Oatmeal Pack

Including oatmeal in your daily diet offers many health benefits. If you are an oatmeal fan and love eating it, you will be surprised to know that it makes for an excellent ingredient for various hair and face packs as well. If your curls have been feeling coarse and brittle, you can remedy the same with a special oatmeal pack that not only exfoliates dead, scaly skin cells from the scalp but also nourishes the hair strands from roots to tips, leaving them feeling soft and silky to the touch.

Simply boil some oatmeal in water for about 2-3 minutes and then take it off the flame and keep it aside to let it cool down. Once it has cooled down completely, pour the mix on your scalp and hair and massage it gently in small circular motion. This will help get rid of dry and flaky skin cells on the scalp, while simultaneously moisturising the hair to prevent it from becoming dry. Studies have already shown that Hydrolized oat protein is a great volumizer that adds bounce to curly hair as it penetrates the hair shaft and works effectively to reduce frizz.

Homemade Natural Hair Conditioner

Dry unruly curls can spoil your look in minutes. You can keep your curls looking great with a natural hair conditioner that you have prepared at home using a few ingredients that you can easily find in a departmental store near your place. However, before applying this to your crown, do not forget to do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Add half cup of dried rosemary leaves to half cup of olive oil in a pan and place it on fire. Let the ingredients mix on low flame for about 10 minutes, then take off the pan from the stove, and let it cool. Strain the mix in a bowl when it is lukewarm and apply the same on your scalp and hair using a cotton ball. Once done, cover your head with a plastic cap and wrap a hot turban towel over it. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then repeat the process one more time.

Once you are done with the rosemary hot oil treatment, wash your hair with a mild shampoo to remove the oil and follow with a leave-in conditioner. This deep conditioning routine can be done once every two weeks to keep your curly locks healthy and shiny.

Say No To Elastic Rubber Bands

An important hair care tip that you should keep in mind is avoiding the use of elastic rubber bands to tie your hair in a tight pony. It pulls at the hair roots and makes them weak thus causing breakage every time you take it off. You should choose hair accessories with care and use only those that are not too tight or they will tug on the hair roots and damage them. Using alligator style clips is a good idea to keep hair off your face.

Do Not Expose Your Hair To Too Much Heat

Overusing blow dryers and flat irons is one of the most common reasons of dry and damaged hair. If you do not want your curls to lose their smooth finish and texture, you should restrict the use of these hair styling equipments to no more than twice a week. Moreover, you should get a diffuser and a good quality hair cooling gel from the market, which you should use on your curls every time you expose it to heat from the dryer or the iron. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf every night before going to bed to maintain your hair’s shine and smoothness.

Tips To Maintain Your Hair Colour

Colouring your hair is a quick and easy way to give it a new style. However, you must follow a special hair care routine for coloured hair to ensure that the colour stays on for a longer period and looks good as well.

Synthetic hair colour has a drying affect on the tresses and requires additional conditioning to keep curly hair from looking dry and lifeless. Thus, if you have recently got your curly locks streaked, highlighted or coloured, you should head to the departmental store to get hair care products that are formulated for coloured hair. This includes a special range of shampoo, conditioners and moisturising hair masks.

Read the label of all the products that you pick up to avoid buying such shampoos that contain castile soaps or oils that dry out hair by stripping it of its natural oils. Look for hair cleansers that have conditioning ingredients that provide extra nourishment for coloured hair. Some top selling brands in this category include Aveda, Revlon and Thermasilk. These brands manufacture a special line of coloured hair care products for curly hair, which offer colour-maintenance and make the hair shine with health.

Detoxify Your Hair With Pomegranates

Pomegranate is one of the most powerful antioxidants that Mother Nature has offered us. Apart from the internal health benefits that you can derive from its regular consumption, you can boost the health of your hair significantly by using its juice to cleanse your mane. Let your curls benefit from the goodness of pomegranate by preparing a shampoo with its extracts in your own kitchen.

The flavnoids present in pomegranates are one of the most powerful antioxidants that you can derive from any food source and help in protecting the body against bacteria and harmful toxins. In addition to that, these also prevent premature greying of hair - a common problem in today’s times. Thus, use a pomegranate shampoo to repair dull and brittle hair and to get a glossy mane that will be the envy of all.

Things You Will Need to Make Pomegranate / Cranberry Infused Shampoo

• 4.5 fl oz of liquid castile soap
• 2 teaspoons of liquid glycerine
• 4 teaspoons of pomegranate juice
• 8 teaspoons of cranberry juice

Just mix all the above-mentioned ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. Pour the mix into glass bottles and keep it in the refrigerator. Make sure that you shake the bottle well before every use. Simply rinse your hair with water and apply this mix on your scalp until it lathers. Rinse off with cold water and do not use this mix beyond 10 days.

Your Hair Is What You Eat

It has been reiterated time and again that your body needs a balanced diet to remain fit and healthy. The same holds true for skin and hair as well. There are a number of food items that make the skin soft and supple and help in getting a glowing complexion as well. Similarly, there are certain foods that make the hair stronger, longer and give it a great sheen. The top ten healthy hair foods are listed below. Make it a point to include these in your every day diet and you will be pleasantly surprised with the improvement in the texture and shine of your curls.

1. Seaweed – Promotes hair growth and adds to hair gloss
2. Citrus Fruits like oranges and grapefruits – Keeps hair follicles healthy
3. Blueberries – A super food that is loaded with antioxidants and prevents premature greying
4. Sardines and Salmon – Strengthens hair strands
5. Lentils – Rich source of protein that promotes hair growth and prevent frizz
6. Eggs – Its high sulphur content promotes healthy hair
7. Wheat bran and Wheat germ – Checks hair fall
8. Watercress, Spinach, Kale – Promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss
9. Brown Rice – Stimulates hair growth
10. Cantaloupe – Maintains hair health and shine

Get great looking curls with Vitamins C and Vitamins E

Our body, skin and hair demand greater attention as we grow old. If you want to maintain the health of your hair even in advanced years of your life, you need to take proper care of them from today itself. The most important aspect of taking care of your body, skin and hair is eating right and ensuring that your diet contains food items that are a rich source of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Including food items that are loaded with antioxidant such as berries - blueberries, strawberries and raspberries – and beans - kidney beans and pinto beans is extremely important. These help undo the damage of free radicals in your bloodstream and promote hair growth. Other important hair health foods that you should include in your daily meal plan include raisins, figs, prunes, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts and skim milk.

Get into the habit of substituting unhealthy snacks that are deep-fried, contain preservatives, or have a high sugar and salt content with nutritious snacks such as nuts, protein bars and so on. Drink a cup of green tea instead of coke and munch on some dry fruits instead of chips and cookies. Green tea is highly recommended for those who want long and healthy hair. It also prevents the formation of DHT that takes place because of blocked or clogged hair follicles.

100% Natural Hair Mask Recipe Using Banana

You can add life and bounce to dull and lifeless hair in minutes by using applying an all-natural hair mask made of banana and olive oil. If you have a few over ripe bananas lying around your kitchen, do not throw them away. Bananas are loaded with hair nourishing minerals and nutrients that work wonders for brittle and frizzy hair. The other ingredient of this hair mask - olive oil is natural oil that nourishes hair follicles and works to restore the shine and softness to tired looking curls. Remember to do a patch test with this recipe before coating your scalp and hair with it to avoid an allergic reaction.

Take one ripe banana and mash it in a bowl. Add one tablespoon of olive oil to it and mix the two with a spoon or a fork until they form a smooth paste. Apply this mask on damp hair from root to tip and leave it on for 30 minutes. For extra nourishment, cover your head with a plastic cap and wrap a warm towel over it. Rinse it off with cold water and shampoo your hair with a mild cleanser to get smooth and silky curls.

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