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Not all men will notice how long your eyelashes are 1 ml from the new mascara. Not all men will catch the nuances of the tenth shade of red lipstick. Not all will pay attention to the fresh shade of blush. Then why does a woman need to wear makeup? Answer me.

Men are able to feel the confidence that we radiate while wearing makeup.

Without eyebrows colored, lip gloss and tone, I feel outwardly insecure. Which is not to say about inner confidence.

Separating these two states is just as important as tears from happiness and sadness.

Not everybody is able to catch this difference, why they feel discomfort, bad mood and dissatisfaction with themselves.

It seems to them that everything is to blame for the weather, the stupid light and, in general, soon those same days. But it is worth making a minimum of effort, as everything is changing.

A couple of brush strokes and in front of the mirror – the new you!

This is what I see every day, when the model/client comes with one mood and leaves with a completely different one.

Therefore, the phrase – I paint for myself – is the most honest!

If you have the same opinion, there is absolutely no need to get rid of cosmetics just because someone said – you are insecure in yourself!

You and I know that everything is much deeper.

And what is your opinion about self-confidence with and without makeup? Who do you make up for?