5 Goof-Proof Steps to Perfect Eyebrows How to groom eyebrows

Do you dream that the shape of your eyebrows was beautiful, and the result after a hike to the master does not last long? Do you know how to “resuscitate” hairs after a long plucking? We will tell you how to take care of your eyebrows for only 10 minutes a day.

Think about the ideal healthy eyebrows, which shade your eyes and give them brightness. Imagine them! And you will definitely have such eyebrows! We have collected everything that the future owners of beautiful eyebrows need to know and told you how to take care of the eyebrows quickly and easily.

Ideally, if your eyebrows have no baldness, and the hairs look silky and healthy. We will tell you how to get to this benchmark!

How to make eyebrows shape?

The eyebrow frame is built on 3 points: the beginning, the end and the peak of the eyebrow. Arm yourself with a cosmetic pencil or a soft ruler and a brown paste to draw the contour. Take a pencil and apply it to the formulas, mark the resulting points and connect them with a paste.

  1. formula: the beginning of the eyebrow. Apply a pencil at the beginning of the wing of the nose and lift it up, passing through the inner edge of the eye.
  2. formula: the end of the eyebrow. Draw an invisible line from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.
  3. formula: the peak of the eyebrow. Apply a pencil to the wing of the nose and lift up through the middle of the pupil.
  4. After building the frame, remove the hairs outside of it with tweezers, wax or thread. Be careful not to get carried away with tweezers.

How to take care of eyebrows?

Your “elevator” to the perfect eyebrows is to take care of them. Follow 4 simple rules every day, and in a few days you will be proud of your eyebrows!

  • Comb your eyebrows in the morning and evening by the growth of hair from the nose bridge to the temples.
  • Every morning, apply eyebrow gel to the hair growth. Not only will it make the eyebrows thicker visually and fix their shape, but also protect the hair from dirt and UV light.
  • In the evening, remove the dirt from the eyebrows with a cotton pad with micellar water.
  • Feed the eyebrows. Apply argan oil at night and don’t forget the eyebrow masks.

How to grow eyebrows?

The process of growing eyebrows may take from 3 to 9 months. But if you are serious and do not give up in 2 days, everything will work out!

The first way to grow eyebrows is massage. Massage the eyebrows along the growth line with thumb and forefinger pinching movements. Move from nose bridge to temples and back 5-7 times.

One of the best means – argan oil. It contains vitamins A and B, fatty acids, protects the eyebrows from sunlight, enhances hair growth, moisturizes the skin and nourishes it. Apply the oil daily at night for 2 months and then take a break. For a better effect, heat the oil in a water bath to a warm condition.

Eyebrow care and growth products

Eyebrow products are a real magic wand, if you know how to use it. It contains both oils and gels, and vitamins. Let’s figure out what to do, and take care of the eyebrows together!

The oil gives the eyebrows shine and silkiness, strengthens and thickens the hairs.

Apply the oil before bed along the growth line of the eyebrows from the roots to the tips with a brush and cover with a towel to create a greenhouse effect. After 30 minutes, wipe your eyebrows with a dry cotton pad.

Castor oil speeds up hair growth, fights hair loss and protects against damage by covering with a protective film. Apply the oil using the same algorithm, but remember to test it on your wrist. What if you have an allergy?

Eyebrow Gel is an indispensable character in your cosmetic bag, which will help you take care of your eyebrows. It gives shape, fixes the hair, “getting it used” to the right styling, and protects the hair from damage. Apply the gel every morning, but remember to wash it off at night.

Vitamins are the first helpers in eyebrow care.

  • Vitamin A activates hair growth and regenerates it. The eyebrows become thick and obedient.
  • Vitamin E eliminates dryness, protects against ultraviolet radiation, strengthens and nourishes the bulbs.
  • Vitamin B strengthens and restores the bulbs, protecting them from the environment.
  • Vitamin C helps hair grow faster, strengthens its roots and nourishes the skin.

How do I take care of my eyebrows after permanent make-up?

In the first week after permanent make-up the eyebrows require special attention.

So, a few tips on how to take care of the eyebrows after the permanent make-up:

  1. After 6 hours, wash off the liquid – lymph – with soapy water, otherwise the crust will heal for a long time and the pigment will lie down unevenly.
  2. Do not rub or soak the eyebrows so as not to damage the color.
  3. Apply vitamin A and D with a thin layer of Vaseline 1-3 times a day to the eyebrows.
  4. During the first week, do not use the bath, pool and solarium.
  5. Be patient for 7 days without cosmetics.
  6. After 2 weeks, when the crust will come off, dare to wet the eyebrows and tint them. As your soul pleases! Eyebrows no longer require special care, you can relax.

If you don’t want to go to the master every 10 days and correct your eyebrows (because that’s how much paint holds), sign up for an intensive eyebrow treatment.

What to pay attention to when choosing courses?

  1. Course program. It should include the theory of dyeing options, techniques of eyebrow construction and correction, the structure of skin and hair, communication with the client and sale of its services.
  2. 2. Number of practical exercises. There should be at least 5. Without working on the models, the theory makes no sense, and you will forget it in two counts.
  3. Does the school provide materials for work. And each student should have its own set. And you are comfortable, and do not need to hunt for cotton pads.
  4. Is there support after training. Some questions from the novice master arise when he starts work, so in the first 1-2 months you would really need a tutor.

After the course, you should not be afraid to go on a free voyage in the brow-industry and be able to do everything from finding customers to eyebrow design.

Now you have all the information you need on how to take care of your eyebrows. Get yourself a care tracker so you don’t forget about gel, serums and massage, and the ticks at the end of the day on the leaf will make you happy and motivated. And most importantly: love yourself!