Complete skin care tips for you

Everybody wants to have perfect skin. Many of us are making great efforts and spending a lot of money to achieve this. Most often we use some complicated solutions, thinking that this will solve our complex problems. In reality, the solution is simple.


Above all, learn to love your skin. If you have freckles, birthmarks, uneven skin color, dark skin, light skin – it does not matter. Accept it. It’s you and that’s why it’s beautiful. Focus on what you can change, and take pride in what you can’t change.


Healthy and radiant skin speaks first and foremost about the health of the whole body. You’ve probably heard that certain vitamins and minerals can help cleanse your skin. Other people say that certain foods like parsley, cucumbers, peppermint, lemon and berries help our skin shine. However, in reality, there is no single component or product that will help to obtain a clean and healthy skin. Your diet generally determines the health of your skin. The more you eat natural foods, the cleaner your skin will be. No nutritional supplement can provide you with all the minerals and antioxidants that you can find in plant foods. However, do not get too focused on this. You can afford some sweets, if you have a reason to. Your skin won’t get worse from it in a moment. However, when you eat too much grocery, oily, sweet food, you will immediately notice the result on your skin. Keep the balance and enjoy a complete diet.


Some recommend drinking herbal teas, others – water with the addition of vitamins. However, do not let these quick decisions fool you. It is important to focus on moisturizing the body as a whole. Do you consume enough liquids? Liquid can take the form of water, soup, smoothies, tea, fruit. Make sure that you drink enough liquid. This will help you on your way to a clean and healthy skin.


Most facial cosmetics manufacturers try to convince us that skin problems are the result of external influences. They can easily be cured with some lotion or other product they sell. Do not be fooled by this. Skin health is linked to a healthy digestion. Eat more foods that are rich in fiber: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds. Also eat more probiotics, which are contained, for example, in yogurts. This is useful not only for the intestines, but also for the skin. Of course, water and regular exercise also help to achieve your goal.


Regular sports activities are also beneficial to our skin. During sports, blood circulation accelerates. This means that nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the cells more quickly. Thus, it is an opportunity for cells to get rid of toxins.


Physical exercises not only help to speed up blood circulation, but also help to reduce stress. We all know how our skin changes under the influence of stress. So how can we reduce stress? It can be time spent in nature, time spent with friends and family, rituals, self-care or just a cup of hot tea. Think about what you can do to bring a little peace of mind into your life and reduce stress. Believe me, your mental well-being and your skin will say thank you for that.


We have already discussed how to make your skin clean and healthy from the inside. Let’s talk about how you can do it from the outside. If you use day cream, night cream, cleansers, make-up remover and scrubs that suit you, then stick to them. However, most of the time they are extravagant, they take up space in the bath and are not very comfortable to apply to the face a bunch of different products with different ingredients. Try to simplify your skin care. You can replace all these cosmetic products with coconut oil. Wake up in the morning and wash with water and apply coconut oil. Coconut oil will moisturize your skin. If you have applied makeup, wash first with water in the evening, then apply coconut oil to a cotton pad and wipe your makeup off your face. This way, coconut butter serves as a moisturizer and makeup remover.


Do not expect changes in one day or instant results. The main key is the daily repetition. If you decide to switch from daily cream to coconut oil, your skin will need time to get used to it. If you are introducing a new routine into your life or a new product, give it time. In a few weeks, you will begin to notice changes.


The main thing here is not to overdo it. Make peeling every 2-3 days. For this you can use a special peeling glove. It is very simple. Apply a little soap to the glove and rub the skin to remove dead cells.


Try to use less decorative cosmetics. Take pride in the natural beauty of your skin. Your skin may become dependent on tonal cream. On days when you’re not wearing makeup, you’ll feel less beautiful and confident. Limit the use of toner cream to special occasions, not as a daily routine. Allow your skin to breathe.