Get rid of dark circles under or around the eyes

Light blue and a slight swelling under the eyes – dark circles under the eyes add to our tiredness and painfulness. To forget about this trouble, use our advice.

Do not forget about sunscreen products

If the skin is prone to pigmentation, ultraviolet will only exacerbate the situation by provoking an excessive accumulation of melanin. Remember, the skin around the eyes is much thinner and weaker than in other areas of the face, making it very vulnerable to environmental influences. In summer, pay special attention to creams around the eyes with sun protection factor. The higher it is, the better – it’s one of those cases when it’s not worth the slightest detail.

Make sure you use a broad-spectrum product that will simultaneously protect against UVA- and UVB-rays, which are equally damaging to thin skin. Pay special attention to the fact that protective products should be designed specifically for skin care around the eyes, as others can cause irritation.

Start using retinol

Retinol is an excellent, but not obvious means of fighting the dark circles (read also: The whole truth about the benefits of retinol for the skin). As you probably know, retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. It helps accelerate cell renewal and promotes collagen production, which is especially useful when it comes to preventing and treating dark circles.

Retinol patches for the eyes, which can deliver the vitamin as deep into the skin as possible, will do the job best, but creams will also be very useful. And by the way, the fewer ingredients are in the product, the better. The main thing – do not forget to apply a sunscreen after applying the retinol-containing product, as the sun’s rays adversely affect the vitamin, contributing to its decay.

Try bleaching agents

Here it is important to find a very mild product and in no case use facial whitening products – they are too aggressive and can cause burns. Pay attention to special eye skin whitening products with ingredients such as coic acid and vitamin C. They are used in skin care to lighten the skin and eliminate pigmentation. In small doses, they can also be used for the skin around the eyes. Literally after a few days of use, you will notice how miracles happen.

Pick the perfect concealer

Here it is important not to miss with the tone. Equip yourself with the salmon pink shades. They are versatile for any skin and can cover even the darkest violet blue bruise color. Do not forget that you need to apply the concealer not evenly along the eyelid line, but with a kind of triangle. Draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the wing of the nose. Connect the triangle, drawing a line from the inner corner of the eye down. Gently paint the inner space and grow the boundaries.

Forget the shadows

They only emphasize the imperfection of tone and give away all the secrets – no concealer will help. Instead, use your favorite trick of makeup artists and light up the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with delicate pink kayal. The look will instantly become fresh and rested.