Fordyce's Condition is no reason to panic

Many of you have noticed white dots on your lips, which are not accompanied by unpleasant feelings, but affect the appearance in general. Such microbumps are called Fordyce’s pellets. We will find out whether they are harmful or just anatomical state of the body in today’s article.

So, we propose to start with the very concept. Fordyce’s pellets are small and painless points, which can be located on the lips, nipples or genitals (on the scrotum, penis body or labia). Do not confuse them with the tison glands – white, yellow or scarlet hillock, which usually appear on the head of the penis.

There are a lot of opinions, both false and correct. Many people think that Fordyce’s pellets are an indicator of some kind of disease or sexually transmitted infection, but they have absolutely nothing to do with it. Moreover, they are also not a sign of poor hygiene or cancer.

Remember, Fordyce’s pellets are absolutely natural and healthy anatomical state of the body. They are not contagious and play an exclusively aesthetic role. The name is similar to the name of American professor and dermatologist John Addison Fordyce’s.

The prevalence of Fordyce’s pellets

Fordyce’s granules are quite common among both men and women. They can appear at any age, but as a rule, most often it occurs at puberty. White dots often remain on the body for life, but with age they become less pronounced. It should also be remembered that Fordyce’s granules are not a sign of HPV, which is often diagnosed by doctors.

How do Fordyce’s granules affect sexual life?

Most often it is men who suffer from white spots. This happens more on the psychological level than on the physical one. Since Fordyce’s pellets are visible on men’s genitals, many men are complacent about it and feel discomfort or embarrassment. Many even resort to various measures that would hide their “problem”: turned off the light during intercourse, a condom of dark color, avoiding sexual intercourse or a complete rejection of sex. Yes, it happens and quite often. Since many people don’t know about Fordyce’s pellets, and it’s not mentioned in the wide range, it’s quite possible that members of the stronger sex mistakenly accept pellets for something dangerous, such as HPV, herpes or even cancer. In the near future, this may lead to psychological trauma and suffering.

In women, it is much easier. Fordyce’s condition is less noticeable, so many people do not even pay attention to them or do not notice them at all.

What are the reasons for their appearance?

The main reason for the appearance of Fordyce’s granules is the expansion of sebaceous glands. Many people think that the sebaceous glands are responsible only for the greasy hair, which is associated immediately with hair follicles. However, this is not the case. They can also be seen on the mucous membrane, where there is no hair at all. The size of Fordyce’s pellets can be associated with hormonal factors in the body or at puberty.

Diagnosis of Fordyce’s pellets

Since the reason for the erroneous detection of Fordyce’s granules is still great, we recommend that you visit a doctor to make sure that you are the owner or owner of such granules. Often, they are also confused with epidermal pimples, which are identical in appearance. To make sure of your health, do not put off your trip to the doctor in a long box.

Methods of treatment

As we mentioned above, Fordyce’s granules are considered to be absolutely normal state of human body and as a rule do not require surgery or medical treatment. However, if you have a desire to improve your appearance, then there are several options to achieve this. For example, it can be laser therapy, special chemical pealing, creams or spray’s.