How to make homemade mouthwash

One of the main trends and an excellent solution is the use of cosmetics that you make at home.

They contain only natural ingredients, no chemicals. We offer you one more piece of advice and instruction on how to make a chemical-free home mouth rinse.

Eco Trail

The production of home cosmetics brings two main advantages. One feature is health maintenance, as you only use cosmetics that do not contain chemicals. Remember that the body absorbs everything through the skin or “fumes” from cosmetics.

A second reason for the effectiveness of home cosmetics is that you reduce waste and live in a more diverse way. You don’t buy a new plastic bottle, which then decomposes for a long time, but you create your own cosmetic product from natural substances, which is again placed in the same glass container. In this way, you will not create unnecessary waste and will not burden the planet with new plastic.

If you make home cosmetics from substances such as essential oils, etc., which come from organic farming products, you can be sure that you are going the right way and thinking about our planet.


We use oral rinse fluid regularly after brushing and during the day. Its task is to destroy the bacteria in the mouth. In this way, it keeps your mouth clean and bacteria-free. It also prevents the formation of plaque, i.e. tooth decay. Conventional mouthwash liquids contain all kinds of chemicals. However, if you prepare a homemade mouth rinse, you can even accidentally swallow it, because it contains only natural substances.

Homemade Mouth Rinse with Essential Oils
Cooking time: 5 minutes.

  • 8 times drop peppermint oil.
  • 5 times the liquid of the tea tree.
  • 3 times lemon juice.
  • 3 glasses of spring water.
  • A tablespoon of calcium carbonate in powder.
  • 6 drops of liquid stevia (if desired).

Prepare a glass jar, in which you will pour the ready rinse for mouth. Mix spring water, powder and liquid trace elements. If you use spring water, the bacteria that comes from tap water will be removed.

Add essential oils, mix. You can also use stevia in liquid form, but it is not necessary. Always take a sip of oral rinse fluid and rinse your throat for 20 seconds and then spit it out. Store in a dark place or in a fridge.

Effects of Individual Ingredients

Calcium carbonate is important for the health of your teeth. Essential oils cleanse the mouth of bacteria and take care of healthy breathing. Thanks to the antimicrobial effect, essential oils free you from the risk of repellent breath or unpleasant sensations in the mouth. Prophylactically, it also protects you from gum inflammation. Citrus essential oil even helps to whiten teeth.