Sensitive skin care - Homemade natural recipes for sensitive skin

Sensitive facial skin is not a type as many people think it is. Skin becomes sensitive for a reason – it depends on the general health condition, as well as the influence of various negative factors, which in our lives is more than enough – there is no need to even list. Of course, one of the reasons is the inappropriate cosmetics and procedures, or too frequent use.

Of course, sensitive skin can and should be helped, then you can avoid the harmful effects of an adverse environment. Cosmetics for the care of such skin should be selected particularly carefully, and used in combination with home, folk products for sensitive skin – masks and lotions. That’s what we suggest you talk about today.

What are the reasons

First of all, let’s try to list the main reasons why the skin becomes sensitive.

Improper care can tire the skin, and it becomes too sensitive. This can happen if you use poor quality cosmetics, which include mineral oils, oil products, or if you refuse to use protective cream. The skin cannot tolerate such treatment endlessly – the lipid layer, which has a protective function, is destroyed.

Sometimes there is a skin that is called unstable: it may at some time show extraordinary sensitivity, and then comes back to normal. Such periods can last up to two years, and most often it is associated with the stresses that our body experiences – diseases, nervous shocks, treatment with antibiotics, severe fatigue, etc.

Skin of any type can become sensitive, after having suffered infectious, gastrointestinal, skin and endocrine diseases, or due to allergies. In this case, as in many others, it is possible to restore skin health only by solving all health problems – otherwise, no means will help.

It may be so that the skin is susceptible to sensitivity from birth: it is thin and dry, there is little fat in it, and the corneal layer is thin and protective pigment produced very little.

Sensitive skin is most often found in blond or redheaded women. Any external irritants have a devastating effect on her: summer heat, winter frosts and strong winds, UV radiation, dust and other aggressive factors. Such skin needs to be protected, nourished and protected.

After identifying the causes of skin sensitivity, you can find individual solutions to this problem – in each case, the approach will be different.

Features of home care

Of course, sensitive skin needs a special, gentle care at home. What are we talking about? Let’s tell you about it.

There are ways that always help make your skin healthier and fresher, tone it back, relieve irritation and slow down aging – these are all kinds of home and folk remedies for sensitive skin. Most often these are masks, creams, lotions, prepared with different products: juices, fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs and everything that can give our skin nutrition, health and protection.


Before using home products for sensitive skin, you should make sure that you are not allergic to their ingredients. To do this, you should prepare a little cream or lotion, and apply it to a small area of skin. You can apply it to your lips – they are very sensitive and will react immediately. However, it is best to take those products that you can eat in peace – then there will definitely be no allergic reaction.

Wash and rinse all masks when taking care of sensitive skin at home only with slightly warm water.

The best masks for sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, it is best to prepare home masks from the simplest products. For example, masks made of cheese, milk and fresh cucumber soothe, moisturise, soften and nourish the skin. The skin of the face is lighter and redness and irritations disappear.

You can apply grated cucumber porridge to your face for 15 minutes, or just a cucumber sliced into thin circles – as convenient. The cottage cheese can be rubbed with a spoon and applied to the face; you can mix it with milk 1:1. A good mask is obtained from a mixture of all these products. The cottage cheese (1 spoon) is rubbed with milk (2 spoons) and cucumber porridge (1 spoon), and the resulting mixture is applied to the face for 15-20 minutes.

A mask made of cottage cheese, milk, carrots and banana is perfect for the care of sensitive skin at home. Take 1 spoon each of cottage cheese, grated carrots and ground banana pulp, add 2 spoons of milk and grind everything thoroughly. Put on the mask for 15 minutes.

Folk caring lotions

In addition to masks, homemade lotions can and should be used for care of sensitive skin.

Lotion with aloe and herbs is very useful for sensitive skin with extended capillaries, prone to constant irritation.

You should mix 1 spoon each of aloe leaves, plantain, parsley, mint, chamomile, sage and dry rose petals – all the greens should be finely chopped beforehand. Store the mixture in a closed glass container, and take 1 spoon each time just before making the lotion.

Pour 1 spoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water and 2 hours insist in a warm place, then strain and use. You can add 1 spoon of lemon, grapefruit or other sour juice to the lotion. Wipe the skin with this lotion 2 times a day – in the morning and before bed, and after a while its condition will improve.

For sensitive dry skin as a home care, lemon-egg lotion is suitable – it’s a little harder to prepare. First, egg yolks (2 pcs.) rub with 0.5 spoonfuls of salt. Then take 0.5 glasses of cream, and one by one add glycerin (1 spoon), vodka (¼ glass), and the juice of the whole lemon. The resulting solution is slowly, stirring all the time, poured into the yolks, crumbled with salt. First, wipe face and neck with the lotion, and then apply it to the skin with a thin layer and leave for 20 minutes. This lotion cleanses dry sensitive skin, softens it and tones it.

beauty-skin care

Home lotions made of the widely known herbs: chamomile, mint, plantain, linden are very simple. The herbs can be used together or separately. For example, mint can be simply filled with boiling water (1 glass), insist half an hour, strain and wipe your face. Dry mint should take 1 spoon, and fresh need 3 spoons Lotion reduces irritation, tones and smoothes the skin.

Plantain, chamomile and lime can be boiled together, insist 20 minutes, and also used as a tonic. Herbs broths should be kept only in the fridge – no more than 2 days.

Lotion prepared in the same way from St. John’s wort strengthens the sensitive skin, has an astringent effect on it and relieves inflammation – it contains tannins, carotene, vitamin C, essential oil.

As a tonic in the morning you can use strawberry (strawberry) lotion. Strawberry (1 spoon) stretch, mix with cold water (1 glass), strain and wipe the face.

Lotions, prepared at home, for the care of sensitive skin can be used every day, choosing for yourself those recipes that work better on the skin. Sensitive skin masks usually have a course of 20 treatments. You can do them every day or every day, depending on your skin condition.